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TL;DR: Life Literacy Self-Assessment


1 Hour

About the Course

TL;DR: Life Literacy Self-Assessment:  

Take a moment to reflect on your knowledge and skills in various areas of Life Literacy. Answer the provided prompts honestly to identify areas for improvement: 

Personal Finance Management: 

  • Assess your confidence in budgeting, saving, investing, and understanding financial concepts. 

Health and Well-being: 

  • Reflect on your lifestyle choices, knowledge of health conditions, and strategies for mental well-being. 

Digital Literacy: 

  • Evaluate your comfort with technology, online communication, information searching, and online security. 

Critical Thinking: 

  • Consider your ability to analyze information, consider different viewpoints, and identify fallacies and biases. 

Communication Skills: 

  • Assess your effectiveness in verbal and written communication, active listening, empathy, and adaptability. 


  • Reflect on your understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, emotions, and engagement in self-reflection. 


  • Evaluate your confidence in making informed decisions, considering consequences, and using decision-making strategies. 


  • Assess your skills in problem identification, generating creative solutions, survecollaboration, and embracing challenges. 

Goal Setting: 

  • Reflect on your proactive goal setting, adaptability, and commitment to personal and professional aspirations.  

Review your responses, identify areas for improvement, and embark on a continuous learning journey towards enhancing your Life Literacy skills for personal growth and success.

Life Literacy Learning Luminaire

Matthew Triplett

Matthew Triplett
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