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The story of A4C is a captivating tale of passion, unity, and a relentless drive to create a positive impact in the world. Stemmed from the retail investor movement, we started with a mission to advocate for market transparency and build better markets. However, our journey didn't end there.


In November 2021, a remarkable group of like-minded individuals came together, recognizing the urgent need for change. United by our core values of Integrity, Perseverance, Equality and Community, we knew we possessed the power to create something truly remarkable.

Driven by a vision to extend our generosity, talents and resources beyond the financial realm, we established A4C as a humanitarian organization. With a profound commitment to equality and transforming lives, A4C embodies the true essence of the Ape culture and what we stand for.

From the very inception, the movement felt like a dream. It transcended mere financial literacy, forging deep connections among our diverse community. We swiftly assembled a passionate and dedicated team, inspired by the overwhelming support and interest from friends who yearned to join the cause. What we didn't anticipate was the lightning speed and depth, at which our journey would evolve.


Our inaugural event, the ApeMas Toy Drive, beautifully showcased the power of decentralized volunteerism. Across the nation, toys and gift cards poured in, reaching the hands of local charity organizations carefully selected by our ambassadors. This resounding success laid the foundation for future initiatives, underscoring the strength of our community and our unwavering commitment to making a difference.

Building on this extraordinary momentum, we organized an online auction, featuring precious items donated by the Retail Investor Ape community. The proceeds were directed to the esteemed Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, allowing us to adopt several adult Gorillas and their infants, while providing crucial support to anti-poaching and research teams in Rwanda. Together, we made a tangible impact on conservation and protection. 

Continuing our dedication, on Valentine's Day, we honored nurses through our "Sharing our Love for the Movies" campaign, treating these exceptional caregivers to a well-deserved movie night at our beloved AMC Theaters. 

On Earth Day, we ignited change from the ground up, revitalizing cityscapes, cleansing waterways, and nurturing life with a majestic Magnolia Tree in San Diego's Alta Vista Botanical Gardens. Together, we planted 25 Coral Reefs, breathing new life into the Caribbean Sea. Together, we are the driving force for a sustainable future.

Our projects extended further, we partnered with The Water Project, dedicating ourselves to combating the water crisis in Kenya. Together, we have transformed lives by adopting 3 schools and implementing innovative solutions, such as borehole-wells and hand pump construction programs, to ensure access to safe and reliable water sources for generations to come.

In our impactful summer campaign, we collected essential items, prioritizing shorts, to alleviate the challenges faced by the less fortunate in our communities, while combating the scorching summer heat. Collaborating with organizations that champion our very esteemed Veterans and other deserving groups.

Moreover, our partnership with Operation Underground Railroad in the fight against human trafficking touched lives, funding rescue operations, aftercare support, and reuniting survivors with their loved ones. But this alliance is not just about the fight against human trafficking, it's about the resilience of the human spirit, the power of unity, and the extraordinary impact we can create together. By supporting O.U.R, we empower survivors with a newfound strength, paving the way for their healing, growth, and a future filled with endless possibilities.

A4C goes beyond a movement, it's a dynamic force fueled by community, driving universal goodness forward. We are committed to being the change we want to see in the world. Rooted in a positive decentralized community, we strive to foster inclusivity, resilience and impact. Alongside our pursuit of market transparency, we emphasize life literacy, equipping individuals with the tools, skills and knowledge needed to thrive in all aspects of life.

As we forge ahead on this remarkable journey, we invite you to join us. Let's harness our collective power to make a lasting global impact, drive positive change, and build a brighter future for all. 


Courtesy of Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund


Courtesy of The Water Project

We Stand for ALL,

We are Apes 4 Change.

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